Assilassimé : Social microfinance in Togo

Assilassimé : Social microfinance in Togo

7 agencies in 2017

26 110 micro-entrepreneurs supported in 2017

95% of women in 2017

A social microfinance programme for marginalised people

For marginalised people, Assilassimé (which means “hand-inhand” in the Ewe dialect) was set up by Entrepreneurs du Monde in 2012. It works in partnership with 21 associations and local groups that support particularly vulnerable people such as those living with a disability or with HIV (PLWHA), widows, teenage mothers, female porters, etc.

Assilassimé provides them with financial services (microcredit) and non-financial services (training, individual support and social media optimisation). This comprehensive support helps the whole family to become more independent. Assilassimé is the only micro-finance institution in Togo that does not require any security or personal guarantee, and which adapts to each individual set of circumstances.

Today, Assilassimé is an associative structure registered under Togolese law. It was licensed to carry out its micro-finance activities in August 2015.

A step closer to the beneficiaries

Assilassime's beneficiaryIn 2016, Assilassimé has almost doubled the number of micro-entrepreneurs it supports. This growth is due to improved staff guidance and a development strategy aimed at deprived neighbourhoods rather than at Lomé. Assilassimé has opened two new branches in the outskirts of Lomé. It has plans to open another one in a rural area and for this.

Assilassimé has further developed its social services : social workers have been hired and 627 women have benefited from its counselling and orientation services. Among them, 339 have been referred to organisations which can further help them deal with domestic violence, health issues, education, etc.

Priority to the most vulnerable

The team works with 24 associations which support people living with a handicap, or with HIV, widows, single mothers… The NGO Christian Blind Mission (CBM) has trained Assilassimé managers in financial inclusion for people living with a handicap and has provided prints of training materials. Finally, with the NGO CRIPS, the team has provided support to people living with HIV in rural areas.


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Assilassime’s financial partners

In 2017, Assilassimé was supported by its regular partners such as the Agence Française de Développement, the Ville de Paris, the Bank of Africa, the Mérieux foundation, the Lord Michelham foundation and a fund which prefers to remain anonymous. Credit fund requirements have been covered by loans granted by Microfinance Solidaire, the online loan platform Kiva, and by donations from the Don Boule de Neige association and Whole Planet foundation. Christian Blind Mission, a NGO working with people living with handicap, has joined Assilassimé’s technical and financial partners.


Assilassime's partnerships


Assilassimé is currently seeking new funding partners to extend its actions in rural areas.

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