Eltha, a Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal beneficiary in Haiti

Eltha, a Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal beneficiary in Haiti


“I hope that my daughters inherit my business sense!”

“I have six brothers and sisters and, when I was 7 years old, I was lucky enough to be welcomed by my aunt in Port-au-Prince. She raised and educated me and in exchange, I worked around the house and in her small grocery store. That is how I was able to study…and how I learnt the tricks of the trade!

I gained a diploma as a nursing auxiliary. I then married a court bailiff with whom I have three daughters. Unfortunately, my nursing auxiliary job was poorly paid and kept me away from my girls. Thus, I decided to sell grocery products from home.

Using a loan to purchase initial stock

PALMIS Mikwofinans Sosyal enabled me to set up my own business: I bought my initial stock in 2009 using a loan of 5,000 gourdes (€87). Eight loans later, I have a thriving business and always use PALMIS Mikwofinans Sosyal as its rates are the lowest and I also receive training.

A genuine business know-how

In the beginning, I sold my goods by setting up a set of shelves at the roadside outside my house. Using the loans, I was gradually able to buy and sell in larger quantities. As my income increased, this allowed me to save and as soon as I had put enough money aside, I built this beautiful shop. Here, I can display my products properly and no longer do I need to take them home every night and reset everything again on a temporary stall in the morning!

A resolutely entrepreneurial spirit

These days, I earn a good living and continue to save. I have already bought some land and am now saving to build a water treatment system, which will enable me to sell drinking water to the neighbourhood’s residents.

I am happy to have succeeded with this project and at having other projects. I really hope that my daughters will undertake business studies and have the same entrepreneurial spirit as me!”


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